Friday, April 11, 2014

quite the month.

Oh my dear, sweet readers. What a wonderful whirlwind this past month has been! My heart is full and I'm very thankful for some beautiful things the Lord has been doing in my life. I'm honestly blown away by His grace, goodness, and faithfulness. 

As I said, I come to you with a full heart. If you follow me on Instagram, you've surely seen my announcement and posts all about 'Cowboy' and parts of our story so far. Yes... I am dating a sweet, godly, servant hearted, godly cowboy all the way from Oklahoma {who I met on Instagram...!} and am over the moon happy. 

So... as you can guess, this is why I've been MIA lately. A little distracted, a lot excited, and my head's been waaaaay but in the clouds. But, friends, in this season I want to share with you more of my life and story. More of the amazing details the Lord has and is weaving together - taking broken pieces of my heart and restoring them again... remembering lost parts of my dreams and redeeming them. It's been amazing. Breathtaking. To see the way God has specifically answered prayers and remembered them. If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know I became somewhat of "The Purity Blogger", "The Dating Blogger", and mostly - "The Singleness Blogger" - I've worn my heart on my sleeve and have been very open about the way I've chosen to live my whole life, the dreams I have for my future life and 'man', and the "not settling" attitude I've embraced and lived. And so, I know many of you dear readers have been encouraged even from afar in seeing God bring this amazing man into my life. I hope you are encouraged to wait and not settle for second best .. ever. His best is so much better than ours.

More is coming. More parts of the story, more pictures, more about Cowboy {and his uhhhmazing music} and also a bit of a rebrand, "Spring Cleaning" if you will of this little space, and some new design and features. I'm excited.

Until then, let me share with you a little something I shared with my friends on Instagram this morning: 

' i think about the years I spent just passing through. i'd like to have the time i lost and give it back to you. but you just smile and take my hand, you've been there you understand. it's all part of a grander plan that is coming true. every long lost dream led me to where you are. others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars pointing me on my way into your lovin arms - this much i know is true: that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you. ' 

/////   o n e month of dating Cowboy today + i'm very, truly grateful. for his heart for Jesus + serving people. for the spark + romance. for playing together + laughing like a couple little kids. for the dreams. for the deep conversations about real things, good things + hard things. for the stories exchanged about the last 26 + 27 years we've lived apart. for the wild + free adventures. for visiting six states + roadtripping. for playing music together + worshipping. for meeting each other's 'people'. for the red dirt roads, sandy beaches, snowy mountains + more coffee dates than i can count. for getting to know his likes + favorites + dislikes. for being real + shedding tears + sharing our hearts. for how fun it is to date him + see what our God has up His sleeve. oh how glad i am that my IG friend@amyhersheyskisses 'matched us up' by 'tagging' me on his mama's funny IG photo of her 'single boys' at the end of december. thankful that@cindy1962 wrote me, telling me sweetly all about her precious son + family, + that she felt a 'mother's instinct' that we had to 'meet.' and how thankful i am that, from day one, when my bestie mama + sis saw his picture, said 'you h a v e to reply + talk to him!!!' + cheered + gave advice as i got to know a guy 2,000 miles away. thankful that he commented to me, chatted, asked for me email, then #... .+ now ...well, we're here. God blesses our broken roads in ways we could never dream up. + i'm smiling about it today. 

Love you all! I'll be back soon :)
Til then, have you downloaded my book?



Monday, March 31, 2014

P.S. He Loves You

My little devotional, P.S. He Loves You, is here. Ready and waiting for your hot little hands (or really, your hot little computer screen ;) to get ahold of it and read it. 

Oh, how excited I am to share the thoughts and words with you. It is my heart on paper, and parts of my story. It is for YOU, whoever you are. To encourage you, to inspire you, to help you remember things you've forgotten, to tell you things you've never heard, and to make you realize how extravagantly you are loved by God. So get a cup of coffee and let's sit down and chat, laugh, cry and be real together, my dear sister. This little book is my heart. Full of honest talk about life, loss, pain, hope, and... Him. 

Buy Now

* 11 letters from my heart
*39 pages + photos + art

Sneak Peeks: 

Table of Contents...

Preview of a few pages....

Thank you, dear friends, 
for supporting this ministry and for taking the time to read.
I would love to hear your heart after you read it so email me at 
erinjames@hotmail.com :)

in HIM,


PS - to my gals who are helping me review + share it, emails are COMING! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mistubishi Outlander Review

Hey loves..... happy Friday!!! 

I have something fun for you today. A few weeks ago I had the fun privilege of reviewing a very special vehicle, thanks to the wonderful Drive STI! 

Driving this vehicle was fun. I liked it so much. 

Some of my favorite features about the Mistubishi Outlander GT .....

  • Navagation System. So easy to use + high end! Loved the 7 inch screen. 
  • Rear View Camera System. Made it so much easier + gave me peace of mind when navigating out of tight Los Angeles parking spots!
  • Electric Power Steering.
  • Gorgeous leather interior.
  • Fabulous audio system. Loved it. Perfect + top of the line! 
  • Eco Indicator Light. Really helped maximize fuel economy. 
  • Heated Seats. 
  • Push Button Start. Makes it oh so easy! 
  • Third Row Seating. I seriously could have taken all my friends or a large family in the vehicle to the beach with me. So much seating!
via google images 

Read more about this beautiful vehicle here

I absolutely loved driving this car. It was easy to drive, luxury, and beautiful. Got good gas mileage and turned heads wherever I went! ;) I highly recommend it. For singles and people who have families! It is a great vehicle and is very versatile! I loved it!! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He is in you.


Sometimes we face these feelings: the I am not enough. And the I am far too much.

But love, you are enough. And you are NOT too much.

You are so loved. Wanted. Forgiven. And HE is in you. My dear friend Nadine told me the other day: He is in you. Whether you feel it or not. 

In Christ alone is our worth found and He is in us. 

Quote + photo from my eBook, "P.S. He Loves You"  - buy it here! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

s u n d a y

Happy Sunday, beauties.

Remember, He says - 

"I have loved you with an everlasting love."
jeremiah 31:3 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Special Film: Alison's Choice

I have something SO special to share with you today, dear readers. 

One of my favorite people on the planet, and dearest family friends, is producing a very, very special movie. It is really close to my heart, and you need to know all about it. The film is called Alison's Choice. And it is produced by the wonderful Bruce Marchiano (see his Facebook page / and his website) He is such a dear friend of mine. I respect and admire him and his heart for the Lord immensely. He's the real deal. And has such a passion to save the lives of precious babies and to love on their sweet mamas. You may remember Bruce - he played Jesus in a beautiful portrayal, in The Gospel According to Matthew movie - a word for word portrayal of the book of Matthew in the NIV version. I am so thankful for his heart and his passion for Jesus. I recently met up with him and his precious family for dinner in North Hollywood, and we chatted all about this new film! Bruce and I met years ago... when I was just a little kid! He spoke and ministered at my family's church when I was about 14 years old, and became such a close, trusted friend to my family. He also became a significant role model in my life - I look up to him so much, learned from his faith and genuineness, and his care for people. He, his amazing wife, and precious daughter and son have amazing hearts and I truly just adore them! 

So let me tell you about Alison's Choice. Oh, it is so close to my heart and such an important film, my friends. I encourage you to check out the website here.

Simply put, Alison's Choice is a film about life.  

It is about a precious young woman who is facing pregnancy. The website describes the film like this: 

“What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?” Now in development, Alison’s Choice is a feature film that answers this question, and in doing so, seeks to save unborn lives. The story is as compelling as it is simple: Alison, a teen, is facing pregnancy. With nowhere to turn, she finds herself in a “clinic” about to end her baby’s life. Suddenly a man appears. His mop tells her he’s the janitor. Conversation begins and it quickly becomes clear that this man is no mere janitor, but Jesus manifest. And he’s come to save the life of her baby.

The screenplay is written and filming is targeted for spring 2014. Funding is by donation, which releases the film to reach many more lives. Please join us with your donation as we strive to save lives together!" 

Friends, I am sharing this film with you because it is so important, so near to my heart, and so near (I believe) to God's heart. Pro-life is a huge passion of mine. And I know so many of you, my sweet friends, share that passion.

I am asking you to learn more about this film. 

To follow Bruce's Facebook page for updates. 

To donate to this cause financially.

For you dear bloggers, to share it in blog posts and on your social media pages. 

And to pray! Dear friends, I know you share this passion for pro-life. I have read this film's script. I am sharing this because I am 100% behind it. I believe it is SO powerful in it's story and delivery. I truly believe it will save babies' lives. You know I only share with you things that I honestly believe in and think will be a blessing to you! So sweet friend, please check out this movie, share it around with your church and pastor, your blog readers and social media followers. Share it on Facebook! Tell your girl friends about it at Bible study. And support it in prayer and in tangible financial ways so that we can practically get this going. It is so important and will be amazing!! 
Thank you for listening to my heart on this. It is so so special and it is a big God-thing! 

If you would like to share this film on your blog and get involved, email me at erinjames@hotmail.com - thank you beautiful friends! 



+++ Correction: I had previously shared a Facebook page for the film, but the link I shared was incorrect so please note there is no Facebook page currently for the film. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

beauties! i'm back.

Sweet readers!! 

I miss you. Life has been so sweet + busy lately + I was sick for a bit. After I finished my devotional (if you read it, what did y'all think? I would love to hear your heart!! And if you haven't, I would love to have you check it out :) I took a little time to rest and just share it with you all and I'm back! Tomorrow, I have something SO exciting to share with you. I have so many fun plans for this little blog coming up for 2014. And a new design in the works. A new link-up to build community. So many fun plans. 

I hope and pray that all of you who bought and are reading my little devotional have been blessed, inspired + encouraged. You are all SO loved and I am thankful for all the amazing support for my first book! 

Til tomorrow... tell me, friend - how are you? 

LOVE you all! 




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